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The whole process of ETA Australian visa application

Australian provides lots of chances by a perfect mix of its ethnic historical culture with a modern-day essence. This perfect mix has resulted in a unique culture that is seen in the daily life of the population and also lifestyle that thrives here. This growing culture has drawn plenty of tourists for several purposes that include business opportunities, vacationing, permanent residence or just visiting. To travel here, you need an official travel document which can be attained through the application process. In this article, we’ll be giving you relative information on the application and continuing step to keep track of visa application status

The steps for your application process and the step by step tracking of ETA visa application status are simple and easy. With these steps, you can easily have your travel documentation to the country of Australian.

Meaning of eTA Visa

ETA visa is a document which gives authority for individuals who are outside from Australia to go to this awesome country. This document is electronically linked. It’s made for those who prefer to go to Australia for short-term stays like business purposes or tourism reasons. You cannot be permitted to work in Australia using an ETA visa.

Eligible candidates who are able to apply for an ETA visa?

Just citizens from the following countries are permitted to make an application for ETA visa to Australia.
Switzerland, Singapore, Poland, Malaysia, Korea, Hungary, Finland, Canada, Andorra, United Kingdom, Slovakia, Portugal, Malta, Latvia, Iceland, France, Croatia, Austria, United States, Slovenia, Republic of Cyprus, Monaco, Liechtenstein, Ireland, Germany, Czech Republic, Belgium, Sweden, San Marino, Norway, Luxemburg, Japan, Hong Kong, Estonia, Bulgaria, Vatican City, Romania, Netherlands, Lithuania, Italy, Greece, Denmark and Brunei Darussalam.

Comprehend the purpose of your visit

You need to comprehend the intent behind your visit before you apply for an ETA visa. Depending on the purpose of your visit, you are able to choose the kind of Australian ETA visa that you need and understand the rules and prerequisites for it.

What are Australia eta visa prerequisites

Once you have decided the type of Australian ETA visa that you desire, you should have all of the necessary documents for it. The typical list of documents for this involves:

  • • Valid passport whose validity should be no less than 6 months before you travel to Australia
  • • You have to be from an ETA qualified place.
  • • You should not be living is Australia on your application.
  • • You cannot just remain no more than Three months making use of the ETA.
  • • You shouldn’t have a contagious condition for instance tuberculosis.
  • • You need to have a certificate of good conduct which indicates that you do not have criminal background which might have made you be jailed for over 12 months.
  • • Current pictures of the applicant which matches the global standards for the application process
  • • Proof of sufficient fund when traveling
  • • Duplicate of return of income tax
  • • Bank statements over the last Six months

process of application for an ETA visa

To apply ETA visa on the internet, you have to log into the visa issuing embassy site. Where you’ll click the icon labeled” Apply for Australian ETA visa”. This will open for you a form in which you will be necessary to fill your information because they are indicated in your passport as well in your National Identity card.

You as you’re filling up the details you will also be needed to attach a few of your documents. Following this, you’ll be required to counter check the information before you read the terms regarding ETA visa application – Australia visa .
As soon as you go along with the terms you may go ahead to pay the application costs before you decide to send your application form.

Know the needed costs

Every Australian ETA visa has a diverse fee structure. Understand the requirements of the fee payment before you continue ahead with your application form. If you are applying through an agency, you might be required to pay more charges for the extra services. But applying at the official site will restrict you from incurring from such charges.

Keep track of your Australian visa application status

You are able to track the ETA visa application status on the official web page. You must submit your reference number along with your birth date and also the details of your application form will be displayed. Once you have acquired the approval, you may acquire passport with the permit and start your vacation.

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