Sri Lanka intriguing destination to visit

Sri Lanka, known as the island of a thousand names; Taprobane for the Greeks, Serendib for the Arabs, Ceylon for the Portuguese and British, and it is known worldwide as “the tear of India” for its shape and placement, it’s a natural paradise of lush vegetation as well as an native wildlife based in the Indian Ocean, southwest of Bay of Bengal and southeast of the Oman Sea. More on: eVisa Sri Lanka – Application form.

An excellent destination for those who want to get lost in a appealing land that does not only invites meditation but also supplies the exciting adventure of the close encounter with a plant life and animals rich in its variety and delightful beaches for surfing and snorkeling lovers (Source: eta Visa to Sri Lanka – Application) .

Here are some peculiarities about this terrific land:

1. It has two air-ports.

Bandaranaike and Katunayake, which permit easy access from Europe, the Middle East, along with other Asian countries.

2. Religion

Although it is called one of many sacred places for Buddhism, Sri Lanka has no official religion. There all beliefs coexist, being Buddhism by far the most practiced religion (69%), accompanied by Hinduism (16%), Islam (7.6%) and Christianity (7.5%).

3. It has three official languages.

Sinhala, a language spoken only in Sri Lanka, Tamil, from southern India and English.

4. A very powerful temple of Buddhism.

Within the city of Kandy, there is a most important temple of Buddhism, referred to as Sri Dalada Maligawa, in which the sacred relic of the Buddha’s tooth is preserved. It is a internet site of almost obligatory visit and offers rise to the Esala Perahera festival, probably the most critical in Asia.

5. It is one of the largest producers of tea in the world.

The famous Ceylon tea arises from there and got its name from the one which the Portuguese colonizers gave to the island.

6. Fishing Art.

Among the activities that most attracts the attention of visitors is the fishing art of the residents. The fishermen jump on a stick stuck in the sea and fish having a kind of spear. Tourists typically take photos uploaded on stays with have a memory.

7. Safari Programs

It has wildlife so numerous and abundant that national parks such as Horton Plains, Lunugamvehera and Yala program excellent safaris which have absolutely nothing to envy to those in Africa. There you will find leopards, monkeys, elephants, black bears, monkeys, and others. And in the sea, you can see whales, dolphins, and turtles.

8. Beautiful Beaches

Its coast of 1340 km of lovely beaches offers a range of choices to tourists, from quiet beaches to rest, wild for adventure, waves to surf places to snorkel and dive, is the popular: Mirissa, Bentota, Tangalle, Negombo and Arugam Bay, simply to name a few. Along with having an excellent hotel infrastructure.

9. It is a great producer of precious stones.

Rubies, amethysts, topazes, sapphires, garnets and those that are only found there like Ceylon Blue Sapphire or Padparadscha Sapphire.

10. Sri Lanka has eight UNESCO heritage sites.

Six cultural among what are Golden Temple of Dambulla and the Sacred City of Kandy, unusual archaeological and religious jewels, and 2 natural ones such as Sinharaja Forest Reserve as well as the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka.

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