How big is New York City?

If you have been to the New York City or better still born there, you may have probably asked yourself this question a number of times. If you are poor in geography, this question is the least of your concerns and it has definitely never crossed your mind. Everyone knows that New York City is big by just an assumption or by just looking at it.

But how big is NYC?

But how big is NYC

In this article, I will highlight to you how big is the New York city giving you more solid facts than just mere assumptions. Everyone has a different perspective of the word big and therefore it requires some more accurately defined measurements to put everyone at par with the thinking.

Generally, there are many ways to rank something as big, It may be due to the size of the land covered, the amount of resources the city has, the amount of traffic and many other things. New York City can be described as very big and it has actually been ranked as the 24th biggest city in the United States in terms of land area it covers. Considering that there are many cities, being ranked there is a proof that it is very huge.


New York city covers a very great land of about 784 square kilometers. It is also located in one of the natural harbors that is the world’s largest. The bare fact that it is known as the big apple, you can have a hint or barely a small idea of its size. Apart from the fact that it has a large amount of land it covers, there are many other features that second the land area covered. New York City has been termed as the most populous city in the united states.

The city has the largest population where it holds over 8 million people. There are over 3 million people born outside the New York City but are now living in it. The foreign-born population is very huge and this has made it be the first to hold such a population. This has made the New York City to be the most densely populated city in the united states.

New York City is not only big in terms of population, traffic and land area, but the town also has many amenities that make it the mother of all cities. New York City is the capital of all cultural, financial and media activities in the world. There are very many languages spoken in the New York City and this has made it more diverse in terms of linguistics. It is certainly evident that The New York City is very big.

Not only in its geographical surrounding which includes land area covered but also in terms of amenities and property it contains. It is the biggest in the United States and also among the largest cities in the world. There are many maps that show the size of New York City in comparison to other cities in the world and they show the size of the city accurately.


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