Canada Travel – What’s All the Buzz About?

The Canadian visa application

Canada is a place that receives around Thirty people each year, these individuals come from all areas of life. They either come to travel to their loved ones or good friend. Other folks come for the chances offered by the Canadian authorities. For permanent residence, study, work permit, or visitor visa one is required to give a biometric image and fingerprints. Like any other visa application, there are conditions and procedures that must be observed and met.

Canadian visa types.

Canadian visa requirements
The Canadian authorities via its immigration department gives various kinds of visas, hence one has to have a good understanding of these types of visas and to what exactly categories are provided. These include:

1. The temporary residence visa – Under the temporary visa there are 3 categories which include;

• The tourist visa – this is for tourists who are aiming to visit Canada. It’s a 6month validity visa from the date it’s released.
• The student visa – this gives a student from all around the world to have their studies in Canada. One is required to get a letter of approval given by one of the educational institutions in Canada and present proof that they are able to support his / her studies.
• The work permit – for people wishing to work in Canada for a brief time, then this is the kind of visa to select. Nevertheless the offer must be approved by the government of Canada.

2. The permanent residence visa – under this visa, the Canadian government offers two categories. That is;

  • • The federal skilled worker visa – this is given to the foreigners via the Canadian visa application, that stay inside and out Canada. But the evaluation of people obtaining this kind of visa is according to working experience, their education as well as the knowledge of French and English dialects.
  • • The experience visa – people that have worked in Canada briefly qualify for this kind of visa. However it’s for people who are skilled however don’t meet the language prerequisites but should have been employed in Canada for 12 months.

The Canadian visa application requirements.- Canadian visa requirements

To apply for the Canadian visa online, one must comply with the following prerequisites. Here are the Canadian visa prerequisites.

  • I. Must offer two passports – sized pictures. They should be less than six months’ old.
  • II. Fill up a family form.
  • III. Should provide authenticated and approved documents
  • IV. Give complete itinerary one form.
  • V. Should clarify the true reason for the visit.
  • VI. Offer papers showing employment, house and family ties.
  • VII. For those traveling Canada for a business travel and want to apply for a Canadian visa, they must provide the following.
  • • Their business certificate
    • Their financial record including, income tax, yearly monetary document, bank account statement as well as accounting documents.

  • VIII. For training, seminar and official visits one is needed to offer the following.

    • A written document from the employer with stamp signed and specific date, done in the month of application detailing the time of visit and position held at the office.
    • The evidence of their monetary maintenance for the expenditures.
    • The evidence of registration to the meeting
    • The official invitation not excluding the job as well as the full names of the tourists

  • IX. Medical checkup

    For individuals applying through an online platform, they should have the online application process. You should browse the IRCC website to prepare themselves with the needed information of what’s needed. Following the procedure, one has to download and checklist with a form that matches the reason for one’s traveling.

    You need to complete the necessary areas in the presented electronically and then print. The documents should be availed them to the IRCC. One should also sign the waiver form.

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